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Mergent Intellect

Mergent (formally known as Moody’s Investment Services) has been providing company data to public libraries since the early 1900’s. In recent years, they have partnered with Dunn and Bradstreet to expand the level and reach of data that they incorporate into their products creating the most comprehensive business database offering on the market today. Mergent Intellect is made up of 7 primary functions geared to hit a wide range of patrons. Each section is detailed below.

Company Record-With Intellect you will now have access to Dun and Bradstreet data covering over 260 million companies globally in addition to the extensive detail on Mergent’s publicly traded information. This includes full international coverage of both active and inactive companies. You will find real time news being updated every 15 minutes that will allow patrons to analyze a company and how social media, talk and chatter are affecting stock prices and review those stock prices over the last three years down to a specific day. With the in depth executive biography data, patrons will easily be able to extract vital information such as compensation, previous companies worked, alma mater and more on executives, directors and employees globally making it much easier to identify the targeted individual whether your patron is trying to find a job or sell a specific product. The level of financial detail that Intellect provides will be utilized heavily with your investing patrons and small business owners. Intellect not only provides you with total revenue but also the complete income statement, cash flow, balance sheets, ratios and more dating back five years. This is an area where Intellect provides an entirely new depth and breadth of data compared to just providing total revenue.

Advance Search allows patrons to create a custom list and then download up to 2,000 records at a time without the need to individually select those records. Patrons have unlimited download capacity but will only be able to work within the 2,000 records at a time. This is a major difference in downloading capability most business databases limit to 250-500 at a time and require that pages be selected individually for download. Users can easily build a list that is catered to a target list of companies for marketing, sales leads, mailers, competition list etc. You are able to select very granular categories such as minority-owned company, who rents their building, with sales figures under 2 million in a selected area on a map. This allows patrons to customize and target businesses to a level previously unavailable. In all, there are more than 200 search selects including global geography.

Demographic – Mergent has partnered with Nielsen to provide 12 demographic reports for patrons. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, new movers even the library internally will find value in being able to compare/contrast up to four zip codes to see how the population, income, household values, and many other demographics compare. Patrons will also have access to Nielsen PRIZM reports (demographic segments) that will allow them to narrow down to a particular demographic segment that would have an interest in their business in a targeted geographic area.

Lifestyle/Consumer data– Here users can generate lists at the household level for consumer information. Useful in demographic profiling for new business startup opportunities and direct marketing for existing businesses. Get mailing information on a range of purchase behaviors including Outdoors, Sports, Cuisine, Health and Fitness, Book Buyers, Charitable donors, Pet owners and much more.

Industry Data/Analysis -Through Intellect, you will have access to Industry data and analysis on over 1,000 industry segments with First Research. This data is vital to small business owners, students, entrepreneurs and job seekers who are looking at opening a business, expanding a business, working with a business or doing research on a particular type of business. By providing data such as industry risk factors, growth opportunities, business trends etc. First Research walks a patron through exactly what matters and how your business will be affected. First research also provides state and country reports worldwide. The industry reports can be accessed as a separate module and are also linked within the company reports by SIC/NAICS.

Job Search -Intellect’s job-seeking function is fed with real-time Indeed postings. However, Intellect takes job searching a step farther by using the Bureau of Labor Statistics job codes to assist job seekers in identifying industries that employ their job title. Patrons easily search their job title against a selected geographical area to find companies who have a need for their job title. This allows patrons to access companies who do not list to third-party sites and would otherwise be overlooked, providing URLs to company websites within the list. The product also has an area targeted to Veterans and Military personnel. This allows veterans to select their military job title and transition that to a civilian job title code that they can then use on resumes, applications, and job seeking.

Residential Search –Intellect provides residential data through our partner White Pages Pro. Here, patrons will have access to over 210 million people, covering all of North America. The product also offers access to historical data.  Here patrons can find previous addresses and are even able to search an address to identify owners over time. This is a great feature for genealogy programs and historical societies.

Mergent Support

Mergent prides itself on customer service and technical support. We provide weekly webinars covering Intellect for training. In-person training sessions, not only for staff but patrons and the business community, helps to build the relationships between the business community and the library. We work with our partners to create marketing materials to assist with promotion and outreach. We also help to build programming centered around our databases and product offerings which benefit the entire community and help to keep the library’s usage statistics high. Our Technical Support team is reachable by phone or email for both staff and patrons and offers after-hours support as well. Usage reports can be attained at any time.

Product Updates

-The data in Intellect is updated every two weeks as a whole. News, social media and stock are adjusted in real time.  Major changes in C level executives with publicly traded companies and major changes affecting investment strategies are updated daily.  If any major platform changes come to the product they are provided at no additional cost and you would be notified of those changes prior to implementation.



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