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Business Expert Press and Momentum Press Trial – EXTENDED

Business Expert Press / Momentum Press has extended their free eBooks trial to WiLS members. It now runs until 12/31/2017. Academic members already have access via IP range. WiLS has also received the 2018 price lists for both BEP and MP, so after the trial, if you’re ready to purchase or subscribe, contact Jeff Brunner () for a price quote.

Business Expert Press and Momentum Press were established in 2008 with input from faculty and academic librarians, and today, our ebooks, print titles, and digital libraries are used by hundreds of thousands of students. BEP and MP publish concise, practical treatments of the topics taught in MBA programs, as well as in advanced engineering, science, and health programs. Their “born-digital” ebooks are written by professors and practitioners who translate real-life experiences into teaching tools, and serve as curriculum-oriented, cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks. Unencumbered by DRM, their digital libraries and topical collections can be used easily and without limitation by the academic community.

WiLS Academic members should already have access via their IP ranges. The site address is:

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