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Special SAGE Deal for WiLS Members

SAGE is offering special discounts on two products to WiLS members.

CQ Researcher

The CQ Researcher Archive is an expansive database, including reports from 1923 to the present of in-depth information on vital issues.

To incentivize you to purchase today, I can offer you the following WiLS member discount opportunities on a purchase of the CQ Researcher Archive:

  • Purchase within 30 days – 15% off
  • Purchase within 60 days – 10% off
  • Purchase by Dec 15, 2014 – 5% off

Sage Stats   US Political Stats

SAGE Stats is an interactive, statistical platform hosting SAGE State Stats and SAGE Local Stats that provides vetted, hard-to-find data to students and researchers in the area of social sciences.

U.S. Political Stats is a statistical data visualization tool that helps users to see and analyze data and statistics about the U.S. government and political process.

Data and Statistical Products from SAGE and CQ Press —Special pricing for WiLS members

  • U.S. Political Stats (NEW in March 2014) – 15% Off List
  • Local Stats (NEW in June 2014) – 15% Off List
  • State Stats – 15% Off List
  • Special WiLS Bundle Offer: State Stats + Local Stats – 20% Off List
  • Special WiLS Bundle Offer: State Stats + Local Stats + U.S. Political Stats – 25% Off List

For more information on these incentives or to purchase today, please contact Jeff Brunner at WiLS.


Mendeley Institutional Edition Webinar, August 20: Bring Your Library to the Center of the Research Community

If you want to make your library the center of research collaboration, join Swets’ webinar to learn how Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) is your ticket into the heart of the social research community. Students and researchers throughout the world are avidly sharing, collaborating, publishing and accessing a wealth of information and with MIE, you’re granted real-time insight into content usage to help you stay informed on research activity, content trend analysis, altmetrics and so much more. Register here for Wednesday, August 20th – 12:00 – 12:30 PM CST.


NAXOS announces mobile app and upgrade deal

WiLS partner NAXOS is launching a mobile app which will allow you to take your institution’s NAXOS music library anywhere! We’re attaching an e-flyer with some information about the app.  However, that’s not all! Read more

Digital Bookmobile Comes to Madison

The Digital Bookmobile National Tour will showcase the state’s free eBook service in two upcoming tour stops at Madison Public Library! Read more

Participate in the UW-Madison MOOC partnership!

Meet our new streaming video partner Docuseek2!


Docuseek2 is a new streaming platform for independent documentary and social issue film, serving schools, colleges and universities. Launched in October 2012, Docuseek2 features premium exclusive content from leading educational distributors, with flexible licensing options and a rich set of search tools. Docuseek2 currently streams over 460 titles addressing a wide range of subjects, with notable depth in anthropology, the environment, urban studies, the global economy and American Studies. MARC records, chapter stops, captions and interactive transcripts are available for most titles. WiLS is excited to team up with Docuseek2 to bring this amazing collection to our members at a significant discount. Read more

WiLS Wonders for July: Technology Tools

This month’s WiLS Wonders features a question we are wondering about for WiLSWorld!  (Psst!  You should register here if you haven’t already.)  Please take a moment to let us know what technology tools you are using in your library, and then come to the final session of WiLSWorld – our Technology Mixer – to hear what others are doing.  If you just can’t wait for WiLSWorld, and must know what your colleagues are using now, see the responses here.