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Product Spotlight: The Team W Courses

Our members have been telling us they want to learn more about user experience and we have listened. To that end, WiLS is proud to feature the work of vendor partner, The Team W! Read more

Mergent Intellect

Mergent (formally known as Moody’s Investment Services) has been providing company data to public libraries since the early 1900’s. In recent years, they have partnered with Dunn and Bradstreet to expand the level and reach of data that they incorporate into their products creating the most comprehensive business database offering on the market today. Mergent Intellect is made up of 7 primary functions geared to hit a wide range of patrons. Each section is detailed below. Read more

Bloomsbury Digital Resources

Library Type:  Academic & K12
License Agreement:
Contact: Jeff Brunner at or 414-367-9457; Andi Coffin at or 414-979-9457; David Hafner at or 608-571-2784
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Vendor Description

Bloomsbury Digital Resources provides creative online learning environments that support scholarly research and inspire students throughout the world. We seek to engage our users with academically rigorous, editorially crafted content that encourages people to think and explore. We believe in working in partnership with librarians, researchers, and instructors to offer flexible solutions and unparalleled customer support, and we strive to create a culture of excellence and entrepreneurial thinking that is solutions-focused and rewards innovation.

Products Available

Berg Fashion Library
Fashion Photography Archive
Drama Online
Bloomsbury Collections
Churchill Archive
Bloomsbury Popular Music
Bloomsbury Design Library
Bloomsbury Food Library
Whitaker’s Almanack
Arcadian Library Online

Product Spotlight for Public Libraries: Gale Small Business Builder

Gale Small Business Builder is a step-by-step online planning tool for starting, managing and optimizing a business or nonprofit. The program’s intuitive dashboard walks users through five areas of exploration in order to develop a business plan focused on long-term success. Areas include: Read more

New WiLS Vendor Partner: Holder Printworks

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Holder Printworks!

Since opening in 2003, Madison-based Holder Printworks has processed more than 600,000 feet of film and 100,000 slides, scanned thousands of photos, and digitized hundreds of home movies. Now, their services are available to WiLS cooperative purchasing members at a 10% discount!

Read more about Holder Printworks and their products and services here.

Business Expert Press and Momentum Press

Library Type:  Academic
License Agreement:
Contact: Jeff Brunner at or 414-367-9457; Andi Coffin at or 414-979-9457; David Hafner at or 608-571-2784
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Vendor Description

Business Expert Press and Momentum Press were established in 2008 with input from faculty and academic librarians, and today, our ebooks, print titles, and digital libraries are used by hundreds of thousands of students. BEP and MP publish concise, practical treatments of the topics taught in MBA programs, as well as in advanced engineering, science, and health programs. Their “born-digital” ebooks are written by professors and practitioners who translate real-life experiences into teaching tools, and serve as curriculum-oriented, cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks. Unencumbered by DRM, their digital libraries and topical collections can be used easily and without limitation by the academic community.

Products Available

Annual Digital Library Collections Purchase
Digital Archive Purchase (2010 – 2014)
Subscription Models

Call your Senators to Support Federal Library Funding

The Fight for Libraries! has moved to the United States Senate. On April 26th, two “Dear Appropriator” letters began circulating in the Senate, one seeking $186.6 million for Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and the other $27 million for the Innovative Approaches to Libraries (IAL) program for FY 2018. Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are again championing funds for LSTA, while Senators Reed, Grassley (R-IA) and Stabenow (D-MI) are leading the fight for IAL. Read more

WiLS Webinar: SimplyE for Consortia on May 16th

Join WiLS for a free webinar with Valerie Horton and Paul Swanson of Minitex to learn about developments for SimplyE, a mobile app that combines ebook collections from multiple vendors into a single, easy-to-browse collection for library patrons. Minitex is working with the New York Public Library and other partners to expand SimplyE‘s ability to federate and combine ebooks from multiple collections to support consortia. Join us to learn how the project is progressing and hear from Minitex about the experience of working and contributing to a national open-source project. Read more

Public Library Stories for National Library Legislative Day

On May 2, 2017, members of the public library community have an opportunity to meet with Congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. to advocate for libraries in Wisconsin. Our public library members are seeking your support in the form of a story (two sentences) and photo to share from each Congressional District on how LSTA and eRate funded projects have impacted patrons.  Read more