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WiLSWorld Shorts 2017

WiLSWorld Shorts are quarterly, free webinars to continue the learning that happens at WiLSWorld all year long!  These webinars are designed to do all the same things as WiLSWorld – connect our member community around important issues, foster the exchange of ideas, and help members form professional connections and collaborations to get done what they need to get done.

The line up for WiLSWorld Shorts this year is:

  • Friday, March 10th, 1:00pm: Tool Tips! (View the recording)
  • Friday, June 16th, 1:00pm: Open Access
  • Friday, September 15th, 1:00pm: Vendor Partner Expertise
  • Friday, December 8th, 1:00pm: WiLSWorld Workshop Follow-Up

We hope to see you there!  If you have suggestions for other topics you’d like to hear more about or that you’d like to share with other WiLS members, contact us at