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This Week at WiLS Archives – Check out previous editions of our newsletter to read what mischief WiLS and WiLS members are up to.

WiLS Community Chronicle – updates from WiLS and from around the member community, learning opportunities, cooperative purchasing news, and other tidbits for and about WiLS members by library type.

WiLS Member and Vendor Partner Interviews – An archive of past interviews with members and vendor partners.

WiLS 2014 Regional Community Meeting Report: Best Practices for Raising Visibility for the Library (11/5/2014) – During fall of 2014, WiLS met with the library community at six meetings across Wisconsin to talk about Raising Visibility for the Library in the Community.  The goal of each discussion was to create best practices for raising visibility for the library, and the results are these best practices.

Cooperative Purchasing Newsletter Archive – News, updates, trials, and promotions for members of WiLS’ Cooperative Purchasing service by library type.  Note: this newsletter was discontinued in October of 2016.

WiLS 2014-2015 Annual Report

Past Publications and Research

Surveys & Studies

ILS Consortia in Wisconsin:  A Snapshot of the Landscape 2014


These presentations were provided by WiLS staff, at times in collaboration with our members. Topics can be presented to additional audiences and provide valuable expertise to our membership and beyond. Please address questions to the contact provided with each presentation.

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