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WiLS Services

Consortium Management

WiLS Consortium Management

Save your time, resources, and energy by enlisting WiLS to help create or manage your consortia.

Learn more about WiLS’ Consortium Management Services.

WiLS Consulting

Our consulting services are tailored to our members’ needs and budgets and help turn ideas into action.

Learn more about WiLS’ Consulting Services.

Cooperative Purchasing & Projects
WiLS Cooperative Purchasing and Projects

Save time and money by purchasing products or collaborating on projects through WiLS.

Learn more about WiLS’ Cooperative Purchasing & Projects.

Events & Education
WiLS Events and Education

You want to continue to learn and grow, and with WiLS events and training, we can help!

Learn more about WiLS’ Events & Education Services.

You can also download and print our service brochure to share with your friends!